Southern Hardwood Bark Mulch

This mulch is made from the bark of oak trees which is ground and aged to perfection. It has a rich, reddish-brown color that resists fading and deterioration. Known for its fade resistance and durability, this mulch is commonly used in flowerbeds, gardens, and around trees or shrubs. It helps retain soil moisture, suppress weeds, regulate temperature, and enhance aesthetics. As it decomposes, the mulch also enriches the soil with nutrients, promoting healthy plant growth.

Covers 160 sq. ft. at 2–3″ thick

$65.00 / Cubic Yard

Mulch Calculator

One cubic yard of mulch is...

About 4.5 wheelbarrows

13.5 bags (2 cubic feet per bag)

About the size of a parking lot space (spread at 2" deep)

For each Zone, enter your Length and Width measurements rounded to whole feet. Recommended annual Mulch Depth is 2–3". We’ve set the default depth to 2.5", but you can click on the popup to change it.

Our calculator will tell you how many Total Cubic Yards of mulch you need. We round the number up to get the quantity of whole Cubic Yards to Purchase, as we only sell in whole yards.


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