Classic Mulch

Our Classic mulch, derived from natural hardwood logs, undergoes a two-step grinding process with at least two months of aging between each grind. As temperatures soar above 150 degrees, the mulch acquires a rich, natural brown color and a shredded texture. While it is a coarser option compared to our Premium Triple Ground mulch, its durability and slower deterioration rate make Classic mulch a long-lasting choice for your landscaping needs.

Covers 120 sq. ft. at 2–3″ thick.

$24.00 / Cubic Yard

Mulch Calculator

One cubic yard of mulch is...

About 4.5 wheelbarrows

13.5 bags (2 cubic feet per bag)

About the size of a parking lot space (spread at 2" deep)

For each Zone, enter your Length and Width measurements rounded to whole feet. Recommended annual Mulch Depth is 2–3". We’ve set the default depth to 2.5", but you can click on the popup to change it.

Our calculator will tell you how many Total Cubic Yards of mulch you need. We round the number up to get the quantity of whole Cubic Yards to Purchase, as we only sell in whole yards.


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