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  • #6 Washed Stone

    $37.00 / Per Ton
    This material is 3/4 inch in size and tends to be smooth and spherical in shape. It is a washed material which means there are no fines (small particles) mixed in with the material. This makes it ideal for drainage applications. This material is commonly used around pools, under decks and at the bottom of basement window wells. It can also be used as decorative stone in landscape projects.
  • 1 1/2″ River Rock

    $55.00 / Per Ton
    River rock is an economical decorative stone that tends to be smooth and approximately 1 ½ inches in size. It is available in a mix of muted colors including tans, reds, whites, blues and grays. This stone works great in areas where mulch would wash away, for example a steep slope that needs to be covered with material or to prevent erosion in areas that have a high flow rate of water, such as under a gutter drain.
  • This white/light gray material contains jagged limestone approximately 3 inches in size. It is commonly used as a sub-base and in ditches or as rip rap.
  • 3/4″ Limestone

    $40.00 / Per Ton
    This material is 3/4 inch in size without fines so it has very good drainage and compactible qualities. This limestone chip can be used for many projects such as road/driveway base as well as a sub-base for paver patios. It can also be used for utility backfill and drainage applications.
  • 3/8″ Limestone Chips

    $47.00 / Per Ton
    This material is 3/8 inch in size with jagged edges so the stone lays flat and is somewhat compactible. Because it contains no fines, it has very good drainage qualities. Limestone chips are commonly used as a topping stone for driveways, parking areas and walking paths. It is also used as a building material aggregate and a base course for paver projects.
  • 4-8″ Granite Cobbles

    $160.00 / Per Ton
    These glacier run granite boulders range from 4 to 8 inches in size in a variety of colors, including reds, blues, oranges, tans and grays. Cobbles can be used to outcrop/border garden beds or to protect your lawn from tire damage such as around mailbox posts. This stone can also be used to prevent erosion in areas that have a high flow rate of water.
  • Classic Mulch

    $23.00 / Cubic Yard
    Our Classic mulch starts off as natural hardwood logs, and then we process it twice through our wood grinder. The mulch sits at least two months between each grind. During this time, the mulch ages as temperatures reach over 150 degrees. This process gives the mulch its rich natural brown color and shredded texture. Compared to our Premium Triple Ground mulch, our Classic mulch is a coarser product which makes it a long-lasting material because it takes longer to deteriorate. Covers 120 sq. ft. at 2–3" thick.
  • Coarse Sand

    $37.00 / Per Ton
    This is a granulated material which is finer than gravel, but coarser than silt and play sand (mason sand). It is commonly used as a leveling material for pavers. It can be used as a soil amendment to help with drainage, and it is also great for concrete mix.
  • Color Enhanced Mulch

    $37.00 / Cubic Yard
    Our color enhanced mulch is made from logs. Absolutely no construction wood or reclaimed pallets are used in this mulch. Colored mulch is not as nutritionally beneficial as our other mulches, but it has a fibrous, shredded texture and long-lasting vibrant color. It is safe for pets and plants. Covers 160 sq. ft. at 2–3" thick
  • Eco Mulch

    $20.00 / Cubic Yard
    This mulch is not only eco-friendly, it’s also our most economically priced mulch. Eco mulch is made from trees that are run one time through our wood chipper. It is then aged for six months and put through our wood grinder. This produces an aged wood chip texture with a milk chocolate color. This material is finer than our Classic mulch and is a great alternative to our Premium Triple Ground mulch at a more affordable price. Covers 140 sq. ft. at 2–3" thick
  • Garden Mix

    $37.00 / Cubic Yard
    Our garden mix is a 50/50 mix of screened topsoil and organic compost. This product gives you the best of both worlds: rich nutrient value from the compost and good moisture retention from the topsoil.
  • Grade 8 Gravel

    $37.00 / Per Ton
    This gravel consists of crushed limestone with a size of 3/4 inch down to fine particles. It is light gray in color, very compactible and resists weeds. It works well as a sub-base for brick pavers or asphalt and is also ideal for gravel pathways and driveways. Not recommended for use in areas close to plants as water will run off the limestone disturb the pH level in soil.


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