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Mulch Calculator

How much mulch do I need?

1. Measure Your Mulch Zones

Simplify Complex Shapes

Use a tape measure to find the length (L) and width (W) in feet of areas you want to mulch. The graphic shows a birdseye view of a typical suburban yard; areas that need mulch are brown. Finding the length and width of area A is easy; it’s a simple rectangle. But how do you measure irregular shapes, like the curvy "dogleg" alongside the house or the circle under the tree?

The answer is to break complex areas into simple rectangular zones, as shown by the red boxes. Then measure the length and width of your zones. In the graphic, the dogleg becomes zones B and C. To measure the circle D, just pretend it is a square! Mulching is not carpentry, so it is okay to fudge a little bit.

2. Enter Lengths and Widths into Our Calculator

We Do the Math!

For each Zone, enter your Length and Width measurements rounded to whole feet. Recommended annual Mulch Depth is 2–3". We’ve set the default depth to 2.5", but you can click on the popup to change it.

Tab to the next cell in the calculator, or click outside it, to update your total!

Our calculator will tell you how many Total Cubic Yards of mulch you need. We round the number up to get the quantity of whole Cubic Yards to Purchase, as we only sell in whole yards.

Zone Length (ft) Width (ft) Cubic Yards
Total Cubic Yards
Cubic Yards to Purchase

3. Plan Your Delivery

We can deliver your mulch by truck, or you can pick up your mulch with a pickup truck or trailer from our yard located in Barrington.

To give you an idea of how much mulch you will have to spread after delivery, here are some equivalents:

One cubic yard of mulch is…

  • About 4.5 wheelbarrows four and a half wheelbarrows of mulch
  • 13.5 bags (2 cubic feet per bag) thirteen and a half bags of mulch
  • About the size of a parking lot space (spread at 2" deep)
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