Kildeer Bulk Mulch, Soil and Aggregate Delivery

Down To Earth Landscaping is a lawn maintenance and landscaping service business in Barrington, providing a range of services to residential and commercial property owners in Kildeer, IL. Their offerings include delivery of various types of mulch, aggregate, and soil products, as well as lawn care, yard waste disposal, snow removal, and tree services.

The company offers multiple mulch options such as Premium Triple Ground Hardwood Mulch, classic mulch, eco mulch, color-enhanced mulch, playground mulch, southern hardwood bark mulch, and wood chips. These diverse mulch types cater to different landscaping requirements and preferences.

Down To Earth Landscaping also supplies a broad selection of aggregate materials, including coarse sand, pea gravel, screened limestone, #6 washed stone, 3/4″ limestone, 3/8″ limestone chips, grade 9 gravel, grade 8 gravel, 1 1/2″ river rock, 4-8″ granite cobbles, and 3″ fractured limestone. These aggregates have various applications in landscaping and construction projects, such as drainage systems, pathways, and decorative features.

Additionally, the company delivers soil products like topsoil, mushroom compost, organic compost, and garden mix, which are essential for promoting the healthy growth of plants, trees, and shrubs.

Besides delivering landscaping materials, we offer lawn maintenance care services, covering tasks such as mowing, trimming, and fertilization. We also help customers dispose of yard waste.

During winter time, we offer snow removal to keep properties safe and accessible. Finally, we provide tree services, helping customers with growing, installing, and maintaining trees, flowers, and shrubs.